Why I’m giving you free access to my keyword research process

The SEO Game Plan is all about giving people access to my SEO experience, and the process documents I use for my clients on a daily basis. Keyword research is the starting point for this. So why am I giving it away for free?

SEO isn’t for every business

When I worked for SEO agencies, I’d sometimes get handed clients (from the sales team) who would never benefit from SEO. This might be because their product is so new or unique that people don’t know to search for it yet. It was not only frustrating for me. It was frustrating for the companies- who had been sold something that couldn’t help them.

I’m offering my keyword research process for free in order to help businesses know if SEO can promote their business- or not. Better to learn this now, before you spend thousands on an SEO campaign that is doomed from the beginning.

If you follow this keyword resarch process and determine that people aren’t looking for your business, you’re not doomed. There’s other ways you can find your audience and market your services:

  • A display campaign can push ads to your audience, introducing them to something they didn’t know they needed (yet).
  • A social media campaign can generate demand for a product or service in the same way.
  • Sometimes you need to hire a PR company to introduce yourself to media influencers.

These can all help companies that SEO can’t.

Keyword research is the beginning of every SEO campaign

Once you’ve determined that people are searching for what your business has to offer, now you need to start your SEO campaign. The things you learn in your keyword research will help you get started.

How keyword research fits into the entire SEO process.

Since you might not be able to read my chicken-stratch, here’s some of the important parts of an SEO campaign that start from keyword research:

  • Keyword research helps you determine what landing pages you should create. It helps you understand how to speak to your customers in terms they’re using.
  • Keyword research helps you identify what you could write about in your blog. I firmly believe that every business needs to be blogging. The problem almost everyone has: what should we blog about. Keyword research will tell you.
  • Keyword research will help you find opportunities for links to your site.
  • Keyword research will help you identify competitors.
  • Keyword research will help you identify industry experts and news sites (that you might want to pitch later).

You can’t do most SEO tasks without first understanding what your customers are looking for.

In case it’s not obvious: by giving away the keyword research process, I’m hoping you’ll want to signup for the entire Game Plan. I’m providing the keyword research process as an example of the other parts of the Game Plan. If you find this process clear and helpful, I think you’ll find a lot of value from the other parts of The SEO Game Plan, as well.

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