Who This is Not For

Ants are strong. It’s said they can carry several times their own body weight!

The same thing is true for SEO- it can be a very powerful force on the web.

To quote another cliche (related to a spider, but still applies), “With great power comes great responsibility.” In light of the power of SEO there are certain industries that Curious Ants will not work with:

  • Adult topics- this includes porn, escorts, or similar industries.
  • Drugs- whether illegal or legal with controversial scientific evidence. This includes cannabis or CBD products.
  • Gambling.
  • Certain financial products like payday or title loans.
  • Websites that promote hatred, bigotry, or prejudices and/or misinformation that promote these agendas.

If you’re trying to us SEO to promote any of these things Google is actively making it harder on you. You’ll probably have to resort to black-hat or trickster tactics that I won’t be showing you in this game plan. The truth is, Curious Ants won’t be able to help you anyway.

I reserve the right to make this decision about any user of Curious Ants.

What if I signup anyway? What is Curious Ants going to do about it?

If I find you’re promoting a controversial industry using Curious Ants I will issue you an immediate refund for the last fee you’ve given me. After that I will cancel your account.

What if I’m a third-party provider and using this to promote your clients?

These limits are for my conscience. If you have a different moral code and want to try to use Curious Ants to promote your clients in these (or similar) industries, that’s up to you. However, as I mentioned above, Google is working against you and I don’t think Curious Ants will be able to help.

I can’t stop you from working with clients like this. All I ask is you don’t bring these clients to office hours for questions. If you do, I will remind you of this policy and move on to the next question.

I’d also suggest you take some time and investigate the implications of these industries. They can have devastating affects on people and communities.