SEO for Developers and Designers

Many web developers are frustrated with SEO companies. They spend a lot of time building a beautiful website for a client, only to find out an SEO company came in and ruined it. Even worse- that SEO company steals the client for the next web development project.

Sometimes this adds insult to injury. You build websites on a project by project basis and need recurring income to even out the balance sheet between projects. You can offer your clients a “maintainence package.” That’s a hard sell. What if you were to offer them SEO services? That’s something that pays for itself! With an added bonus, that other SEO company won’t steal them from you.

That’s where Curious Ants can help you. All you need to do, to provide white-labeled SEO services to a client, is follow the step-by-step SEO guide. 

In fact, you’ll have an advantage over most users: you won’t need to hire a developer to make some of the more technical changes to a website. You can do these yourself!

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