SEO for Developers and Designers

Many web developers are frustrated with SEO companies. They spend time building a beautiful website for a client, only to find out an SEO company came in and ruined it. Even worse- that SEO company steals the client for the following web development project.

Sometimes this adds insult to injury. You build websites on a project-by-project basis and need recurring income to balance out between projects. You can offer your clients a “maintenance package.” Sure, but how much will you really make from that?

What if you were to offer SEO services? That’s something that pays for itself! With a bonus, that other SEO companies won’t steal them from you.

That’s where Curious Ants can help you. All you need to do to SEO for developers is follow the step-by-step SEO guide. You can also encourage your clients to signup to do their own SEO campaigns- while you can charge them to help. You’ll have an advantage over most users: you won’t need to hire a developer to make more technical changes to a website. You can do these yourself!

How do I offer SEO services?

If you’re a web designer or developer, it’s easy to offer SEO services to your existing clients. I recommend you start by setting up a free Google Analytics account to see that (and how) traffic is coming to their website. Bonus points to you if you set up goals– so they can see how many customers they’re getting from their traffic. Then, when your clients see they’re getting traffic, their next question will be: “how can I get more?”

“Easy- take advantage of my SEO services.”

How do I sell my SEO services?

Selling SEO is the hardest part for many people. I recommend you focus on the ability of SEO to deliver customers. Don’t be distracted by “rank” or traffic. If you can focus your clients on the number of customers who can find them and then pay for services, your SEO services are worth money. With that, people will be willing to pay you for your SEO services.

What SEO services should you offer?

A successful SEO campaign has four parts- and your SEO services should include all of them.

  1. Measure a website’s traffic and customers. This is simply web analytics.
  2. Make sure Google can read your website. This is technical SEO (which shouldn’t scare you- you’re a developer, after all).
  3. Make sure your content reflects the topics for which potential customers are searching. This involves both keyword research and content optimization.
  4. Make sure other websites link to you to show your website has authority. This is all about link building.

Should web developers learn SEO?

Yes! When a web developer learns SEO, they provide a higher-quality product. As a result, they can charge more for their websites. What’s higher-quality about an SEO-friendly website? The website attracts and produces more customers. Thanks to your SEO efforts, those more customers generate more money so that the website will be more valuable to your customers.

I do not believe that SEO is a “once and done” kind of activity. SEO is an ongoing campaign. However, a well-designed and built website can help a business get started quickly. Otherwise, the first step in any SEO campaign is to implement best practices that were left undone. “Fixing” a website like this might make your customers think you delivered a sub-optimal product. So offer SEO services from the start and make your websites more valuable.

Does website design affect SEO?

Web design affects SEO more than you might think. Recently Google has been issuing several updates that are a direct result of web design. For example, Google uses mobile-first indexing (requiring a mobile-friendly website) and the Web Core Vitals (which primarily rely upon web design, not just development). Additionally, the point of a website is to get more customers (not just “rank” or get more traffic). If you design a website to get conversions, you’re ready to begin an SEO campaign. This is why web designers should offer SEO services!

How Curious Ants Can Help You Offer SEO Services as a Developer

Curious Ants will teach you SEO for developers. You can immediately begin an SEO campaign for your clients- by following our step-by-step processes. In addition, you can join us for Office Hours and ask any questions you might have for your clients. 

Alternatively, you can sign your clients up for Curious Ants! If you sign up your clients, they can follow Curious Ants and do their SEO campaigns. We can have a dedicated Office Hours call for only your clients- where you can be available to help them with their more technical efforts. In this way, Curious Ants can help generate more projects and billable hours while helping your clients get more customers through an SEO campaign that they are doing themselves.

Want to start offering SEO services to your web design and development clients? Contact me, and I’ll be happy to talk with you more about how this works.

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