In-House SEO Training

Let’s face it: the marketing department is the catch-all for your company. You were hired to do marketing, but your company has stuck with the tasks nobody else wants to do- and they’re all critical with short deadlines. Now you’ve got to optimize your site for the search engines, too? How are you going to manage all this? How is your team going to keep up with hundreds of Google algorithm changes a year?

Your in-house team needs SEO training from Curious Ants.

We break our SEO guide into several specific steps. Each step contains a process and a video your SEO team can follow. We even tell you how often to repeat the task- because SEO is never done. We’ll show your team everything it needs to know, including analytics, technical SEO, content generation, keyword research, and link building, too.

The best feature: we keep the SEO processes up to date. If Google makes a change, we change the process. All you need to do is watch the video and follow the steps. Then you’ll be implementing up-to-date SEO best practices on your website.

The best part: you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on SEO tools that (let’s be honest) you never use. Curious Ants uses free tools (most of which you’re already using) and shows you how to get the most out of them.

Have a question along the way? Signup for the Colony and attend our weekly SEO Group Coaching. This is a time where you can ask a digital marketing or search engine question. Do you need to ask questions specific to your site? The Queen plan allows personalized meetings (with only members of your team) to address your particular SEO questions.

How many people from my organization need to participate in this in-house SEO training?

I recommend one person take responsibility for participating in Curious Ants. While others on your team could help them, Curious Ants works best when one focuses on your search engine strategy.

What if I need SEO services?

While Curious Ants is about SEO training, sometimes companies have to hire someone to “get it done” for them. While Curious Ants does not provide SEO services, it will teach you what you need to know about SEO to hire a quality SEO professional. In fact, we consider it a success when you grow-out of our training and are able to hire someone to do your SEO for you. We can even recommend respected and reliable SEO consultants to work with your company.

Will I need a developer to fix my technical SEO issues?

You might need developers to help with some of the technical issues. While Curious Ants does not teach web development, it will help you know what to ask your developers and determine whether the problem is fixed.

Will this teach my team about digital marketing in general?

While Curious Ants focuses on search engine optimization, you will pick up related digital marketing tips to help your other marketing efforts.

Do you provide SEO workshops for teams?

I’d be happy to provide a workshop for your in-house SEO team but that’s outside the normal scope of Curious Ants. Contact me for a separate engagement.

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