How to do guest blogging

Guest blogging is when you give another site an article and, as a result, you get a link back to your website. Caution: there are some things you need to watch-out for.

What is guest blogging?

Guest blogging is a tactic to get links from other sites to your site. We’re writing an article (doesn’t really have to be a “blog”- could be an article, news item, library post, etc) uniquely for another website and getting the opportunity to link to our site, as a result.

This link building tactic is a little controversial (as most link building tactics are). However, if you do this right, it’s a legitimate way to not only get a link to your website, but to show your expertise, gain some positive press, and build productive relationships with others in your industry.

Before you do guest blogging (or any other link building, for that matter) I recommend you review the link building guide. Don’t cut corners here. Do it right or Google might ignore your link (at best) or ban you (at worst).

What should you expect from guest blogging?

The goal of a guest blogging campaign is to get links to your site. Not all links help in the same way. Some links can help you rank better. Others might just bring traffic. Bonus if you get both but you won’t always get both at the same time. Just because a link doesn’t bring traffic doesn’t mean it’s not helping you rank better in Google. Just because a link is bringing traffic doesn’t mean it’s helping your rank better.

The Guest Blogging Process

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