How to create an SEO blueprint for your website

An “SEO blueprint” is a way of keeping track of what pages you’re focusing on.

Why is an SEO blueprint important?

When it comes to SEO, focus is important. You need a page to have a clear topical focus. You need to keep track of what pages you’re focusing on- and which don’t matter for your SEO campaign. An SEO blueprint is simply a way to keep track of your SEO priorities.

This blueprint will help you have a clear focus and strategy for your SEO campaign.

What should you expect from an SEO blueprint?

Google doesn’t care whether or not you have an SEO blueprint, or not. However, as you execute on an SEO campaign I think you’ll be glad you have a list of the webpages on which you’re focusing. It will help you:

  • Remember what you’re already focusing on.
  • Remind you what you still haven’t built yet.
  • Have a record in case someone changes something without telling you first (this happens more than you’d expect).
  • Have a list of priority pages for which you can measure your success.

This is more than administrative task. It’s an overview of the SEO strategy for your website.

Create your SEO blueprint

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