I’ve been doing SEO for over a decade. Over that time, I’ve seen some SEO companies take advantage of small business owners under the guise of SEO. 

The biggest problem: even though SEO seems like it should be free, there’s a lot that goes into an SEO campaign, to make it successful. 

As a provider of SEO services, for the last few years, I’ve tried to come up with an inexpensive SEO product for small businesses. I couldn’t make it work. There’s just too much that needs to happen to make SEO work, to offer it in a fashion that smaller businesses will find helpful.

That’s one of the reasons I created the Curious Ants SEO guide. This allows small business owners to do their own SEO. This is a great way to save money.

You might find that SEO takes more time than you realized. Eventually you might have to hire someone to help. Having started on Curious Ants, you’ll now be an educated buyer. You’ll know what a good SEO campaign takes and you’ll be able to hire the right person to help your business.

Of course, you could also hire someone in-house at your own company. Several small businesses have delegated these SEO tasks to someone on their marketing team or even an administrative assistant. They don’t need to have any prior experience to use Curious Ants effectively. 

Do you, or your employee, have a question? Signup for the Group plan and ask it. I think you’ll find the office hours will help you as you hear other people’s questions, as well. 

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