How to get links like your competitors

If you need links, checkout your competitors and see if you can get some of their good ones.

Why is competitive link building important?

Links are an essential part of a productive SEO campaign. It can be hard to find good ones, though. Why not look and see if your competitor has some good links- and see if you can get them too.

What should you expect from competitive link building?

Some of these links might bring in some traffic. That’s great, but it’s also gravy compared to the increased search engine traffic you’ll get from the boost from ranking better, thanks to these links.

Of course, just because your competitor has a link somewhere doesn’t mean you would want that site to link to yours. You need to evaluate the opportunity to see if this is the kind of link you’d wish to before you try to get one, too. Some links can be harmful and hurt your SEO efforts. The key is knowing the difference.

The competitive link building process

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