Is your SEO campaign working? How will you know if you don’t track it properly. That’s why Google Analytics is an essential part of any SEO campaign.

How to measure SEO

Don’t be seduced by vanity metrics like “rank“. You really want to know if your SEO campaign is generating new customers. Google Analytics makes it easy to see how people are finding your website and whether or not they become a customer when they do. Google Analytics is the best way to measure SEO.

How to use Google Analytics for SEO

There are several ways to use Google Analytics for SEO.

  • Identify what’s working, so you can do more of it.
  • Identify what’s not working, so you can re-evaluate your tactics and strategies.
  • Identify problems with your website such as 404 errors or page speed hangups.
  • Identify other marketing opportunities besides SEO.

Does Google Analytics help SEO?

No. Installing Google Analytics will not inherently help your SEO campaign. However, the data in Google Analytics is invaluable for any successful SEO campaign.

Track Form Submissions in GA4

Last updated on July 27, 2021 | Posted in Analytics

Tracking form submissions as goals in Google Analytics is essential for your success. It works a little different in GA4 than Universal Analytics.

How to setup and verify a Google Analytics conversion

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Traffic is good. Customers are better. How are you getting new customers? Find out by setting up a conversion in Google Analytics.

What you should look for in a monthly SEO report

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Every month you should take a step back from your SEO campaign so you don’t miss the forest for the trees.

How to setup and verify Google Analytics

Last updated on July 27, 2021 | Posted in Analytics

If you can’t measure your marketing, you’re just gambling. Google Analytics is a free tool to help measure your website’s traffic and interactions.

The Weekly Google Analytics SEO Dashboard

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Here’s some of the things you should check within a Google Analytics SEO dashboard on a weekly basis.

Use Universal Analytics (not GA4) on your website

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Google is pushing people into GA4- although it’s not ready yet. Here’s how you can setup your new Google Analytics with Universal Analytics and not GA4 (for now, at least).

Does your site need a privacy policy?

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As governments get more aggressive in protecting consumer privacy, you might need to take explicit steps to protect your website visitors.