Is this for me?

Curious Ants is a self-guided library of SEO processes. It breaks an SEO campaign into different steps. It tells you where you should start and what you should do next. With each step it provides:

  • A specific process with directions you can follow.
  • Videos showing the process at work in a real example.
  • How often you should repeat this process. SEO is never a one-and-done sort of thing, but not everything needs to be done every week. This game plan tells you how often you should repeat your processes. 

Do I need to know SEO to follow the game plan?

You do not need to have any prior experience in SEO to follow the SEO game plan. What you’ll need is familiarity with your website and how it works, to implement some of these processes (but you probably already have that, if you’re managing a website now). 

What kind of businesses does the SEO game plan help promote?

I’m assuming your business is looking for more sales leads. If you’re selling products through your website, you’ll still learn lots of great SEO practices, but you might have to adapt some of the processes for your specific needs. Please bear in mind that there are some businesses that are not right for Curious Ants.

What content management system is best for this SEO plan?

I recommend WordPress. While there are many different ways to build a website, WordPress (in my experience) is out-of-the-box better for SEO than any others I’ve seen. It’s also able to grow with your business. Sure, there are cheaper (or even free) ways to build a business’ website. However, I’d recommend you start with a WordPress site. While most of the recommendations assume you’re using a WordPress site, even if you’re not, you’ll still be able to follow the processes and grow your business if you’re using another content management solution.

To use the SEO game plan you’ll need:

  • A free Google Drive account. We use Google Docs (especially Google Sheets) for many of our processes. These sheets make it very easy for you to follow the processes and complete what’s necessary.
  • A website. This should be your business’ website. If you’re just learning, why not start a blog? Either way, you’ll need a website to optimize. This is not an SEO course. This is a process you can follow to get more customers from your SEO efforts on a website.
  • A project management tool (I recommend Trello).

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