How to do keyword research

Keyword research is the process of finding the phrases your customers use, to find companies like you in the search engines.

Why is keyword research important?

Keyword research will tell you some important things about your SEO campaign:

  • Are people looking for what your company has to offer? If not, you need to think about a different marketing channel besides SEO.
  • You learn to speak your customers’ language. This is basic marketing- even if you’re not doing SEO. You need to make sure you describe what you have to offer customers using phrases they understand.
  • Once you know the phrases for which your customers are searching to find your company’s services you can optimize your pages with these phrases. This is what most people think of, when it comes to SEO (although there’s a lot more to it, than this).

What should you expect from keyword research?

At the end of the keyword research process you’ll have a list of many possible phrases your potential customers might use to find you. From this list, you’ll know what pages you need to create on your site. You’ll also have ideas for new blog posts you can write on your site (or on other sites, for link building purposes).

The Keyword Research Process

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