How to build topically-relevant links to your website

One way to get links to your site is by looking for people talking about your industry.

Why are topically-relevant links important?

Topical links refer to backlinks from websites that are relevant to your niche. For example, suppose your business sells coffee beans or coffee-related products. In that case, a relevant website from which you could get a topically relevant link is a blog focusing on home and kitchen topics. If you do thorough research, maybe a blog that reviews coffee beans or only covers coffee-related issues would be even better.

There are many ways to find websites that might link to your site. You can search for people talking about your company– and ask them to link. The problem here is that there might not be many people talking about you (yet).

You can search for people linking to your competitors and get those links too. The problem with these links is that, at best, you’ll look just like your competitors in Google’s eyes.

To stand out as an expert, you must find new websites to link to yours. We’re looking for websites that have never heard about your company (or your competitors) and would be willing to link to your site.

Before you do this, I’m assuming you’ve done keyword research to identify how your potential customers are looking for your company’s services. We’ll use some of this information to find opportunities.

What should you expect from topically-relevant links?

As with all links, we might see some referral traffic from these links. That’s great, but not the only thing we’re aiming for. Google uses links to determine which website is the authority in your space. You’ll always get more traffic from Google by “ranking” better than you’ll ever get from a link’s referral traffic.

However, some of these links can produce relevant traffic. Just don’t be discouraged if a link doesn’t bring many visitors.

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