Updates for the week ending February 16, 2024

Conversion rate optimization is important on any website- whether or not you’re doing SEO. This week I simplified and consolidated my process in Curious Ants. I also added a way to get some extra help from me.

So many people make SEO complicated: you have to find the secret tricks and exploit them before Google changes them. However, good SEO is just good marketing. So many of the things you do to improve your website will help you- whether or not you’re doing SEO. For instance, no matter how you’re marketing your website, you need to make sure to:

  1. Install Google Analytics
  2. Track your conversions
  3. Prepare a monthly report
  4. Improve your website’s ability to convert visitors into customers.

That’s why I updated the conversion rate optimization (CRO) process this week.

Previously the CRO process was fuzzy and unclear. My excuse was thinking that CRO is more about the art and not the science. While there is a lot of art and fuzziness to CRO, my process could be more clear- so I made it so.

First of all, pick ONE THING you want your website to accomplish and focus on it. Many times websites overwhelm people with too many options. This leads to the overall number of conversions going down- with analysis paralysis. If you choose the most important thing- and focus on it- you will get more conversions.

Second of all, measure your CRO efforts. While there are fancy (and expensive) tools that will help you A-B test your changes I think it can be much simpler: make a change you think will help and see if you get more conversions after you made the change than before.

Rinse and repeat. CRO is an ongoing process. I recommend returning to your website every few months and finding yet another way to improve your conversions. In the process I offer several suggestions. Some are pretty easy and more content-driven (like rolling out the StoryBrand framework on your pages or offering a soft CTA). Others are more technical and complicated (like improving your page speed).

We’re working hard to bring visitors to our website- whether you’re doing SEO or not. Make sure you get more from those visitors by improving your conversion rates!

Need Help?

This week I also rolled-out another way to get some one-on-one help. If you’ve signed-in you can get access to the “Get SEO Help” button.

It’s an easy way to jump on my calendar to ask me about an issue you’re having on a website- whether yours or a client’s.

I look forward to helping you out!

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