How to make your website load faster

Ain’t nobody got time to wait for your website. Make sure it loads quickly!

Why is page speed important?

There are hundreds of factors behind how Google decides to rank a webpage in response to a search query. All indicators point to page speed being one of them. That’ doesn’t make it the most important ranking factor- but still something that we should work hard to improve.

It’s not just about speed. Google is measuring speed with three Core Web Vital metrics. While two of these metrics are speed-related, one of them is dependent upon the user experience of your page.

One of the reasons Google is pushing for faster page speeds is because more and more people are moving into mobile devices. More people do Google searches from their phone, than desktop computers, these days. That means speed is important to these people (who often have a slower internet connection).

Even if page speed wasn’t a ranking factor for SEO, it would still be worth the time to improve it. Studies consistently report that improved page speeds positively affect conversion rates across all internet marketing channels. Whether you’re doing email marketing, paid search, social media campaigns, or SEO- you need to have fast pages.

What should you expect from improved page speeds?

While we can’t quantify how much “ranking” improvement you’ll see from improved page speeds, we can quantify many other benefits of improved page loading times including improved conversion rates, search engine traffic, pages per session, and decreased bounce rates.

The Page Speed Improvement Process

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