How to do conversion rate optimization

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is a fancy way of saying “getting more from what you’re already doing.”

Why is Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) important?

Conversion Rate Optimization assumes you’ve already determined what a “conversion” on your site looks like. CRO asks, “is it easy for a website visitor to become a customer?” and then updates your site accordingly.

You’re working hard for your SEO campaign to bring new customers. Don’t just bring them to a site and make it hard for them to give you money!

What should you expect from CRO?

The point of our website (and our desire to do SEO for that website) is to get more customers. With SEO, we attempt to bring in more traffic to our site that will, in turn, bring more customers.

What if we could get more customers without all the hard work of an SEO campaign? CRO can help with that. You’ll see this with an increased conversion rate off your goals in Google Analytics (and not just from your Organic Search traffic).

Of course, CRO only works if you have a critical mass of traffic coming in the first place. That’s how SEO fits together with CRO. SEO brings in the numbers and CRO gets more of them to become customers.

The CRO Process

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