Use the StoryBrand framework

StoryBrand is a framework that helps you think about what you have to offer your customers, rather than selling just another product or service.

Why is StoryBrand important?

StoryBrand is a framework to help you talk about your products or services in a way that would interest your customers. When we talk about what we have to offer, we often portray ourselves as our customer’s heroes. There is a problem with this: that doesn’t distinguish our solution from our competitors. We’re just another company that offers a similar solution to other companies. It is particularly hard for SEOs to think in this way: we offer things using phrases that others also use but don’t make a clear distinction about what’s different or better about it.

StoryBrand helps us change our perspective on what we have to offer. Instead of portraying ourselves as our customer’s hero, we let the customer be the hero of their story- and we become their guide to success. Our solution is to guide them to that success. When we phrase our company as a guide, we are not offering another “keyword” in the SERPs. Instead, with StoryBrand, we offer the customer a way to overcome their problems and become the hero of their own story.

What should you expect from the StoryBrand framework?

I’ve heard people claim that StoryBrand is “good for SEO.” I’m not sure what that means. However, I do recommend using a StoryBrand framework to consider what your customers want. They don’t just want another (insert keyword here). They want more. StoryBrand will help you figure out what they want. 

While this might not offer you a specific SEO advantage, it could improve your conversion rates. When a potential customer is considering all the solutions to their problem, if you’re able to phrase your answer in terms that appeal to them, they will be more likely to contact you for that solution- even if you don’t necessarily “rank” better than your customers.

The StoryBrand Process

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