Track Conversions in Google Analytics

Traffic is good. Customers are better. How are you getting new customers? Find out by setting up a conversion in Google Analytics.

Why is a conversion in Google Analytics necessary?

While Google Analytics tells you how people found your site and what they do when visiting it, you need to know which of these visitors are becoming customers. That’s where conversions come in.

What should you expect from Google Analytics conversions?

The data is treated differently when you designate an action as a conversion in your Google Analytics account. There are several advantages of this:

  • You can better cross-reference your data to see what traffic completed a specific conversion. This ability helps you tell which marketing channel produced more customers.
  • You can see data like conversion rates to tell the percent of visitors completing a goal.
  • You can see data like funnels that might tell you where you’re losing your conversions.
  • If you’re selling products you can see the revenue generated from a conversion (and other essential data).
  • You’ll be in a position to do some conversion rate optimization.

Don’t be distracted by all the data available in your Google Analytics account. Conversions are the whole point! Without them, you’re just hoping your marketing efforts are working.

Setting Up Conversions in Google Analytics

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