If you can’t measure your marketing, you’re just gambling. Google Analytics is a free tool to help measure your website’s traffic and interactions.

Why is Google Analytics important?

One of the ways internet marketing is superior to traditional marketing is its ability to measure its efforts. With traditional marketing, you spend money and hope it works (at worst) or estimate its results (at best, based on projections and demographics). However, with internet marketing, we can see exactly what our visitors are doing and where they came from. This allows us to make better marketing decisions and allows our campaigns to spend our marketing dollars much more efficiently.

Don’t spend a dime on marketing unless you can measure it. Want to know how to measure SEO? Start with Google Analytics.

There are many ways you can measure website traffic and interactions. Google Analytics, however, is free and powerful. In fact, most companies will never outgrow it. Start your marketing efforts on the right foot by setting up your Google Analytics before you do anything else.

What should you expect from Google Analytics?

Once you have Google Analytics running on your website, you can learn important things like:

  • How are people using my site?
  • How are people finding my site?
  • Are those visitors becoming customers (after you setup Goals)?
  • Which of my marketing efforts are working?
  • Which of my marketing efforts are not working?
  • Where should I spend my marketing budget?
  • Where can I save money on my marketing budget?
  • How to increase organic traffic
  • How to use Google Analytics to improve SEO

I’d never begin a marketing campaign without information like this- and you shouldn’t either.

Setting Up Google Analytics

In order to learn how to setup Google Analytics, you’ll need to signup for more access.

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