How to do Search Engine Optimization

This is how all the parts of the Curious Ants SEO guide fit together.

Why is an SEO Process important?

There’s really no end to the number of things you need to do for a successful SEO campaign. The problem is: where should you start?

A clear SEO process will help you know what you should spend time doing. This way, you’re not distracted by the latest thing everyone’s talking about and, instead, spending time on what moves the needle.

There are four basic pieces to any SEO campaign:

  1. Measure. Some overlook this but if you don’t measure your SEO efforts, how do you know if it’s working, or not? Also, many of the measurement tools will help you in uncovering technical issues or discovering new opportunities. Don’t begin an SEO campaign unless you can measure your success.
  2. Technical. Before Google can serve your site to your customers, it needs to be able to crawl and read your site. After that, it can add your site to its index of web pages. If your site is not setup properly, Google may have a hard time with this. If it can’t read your site, no amount of “optimization” will help you.
  3. Content. This is what most people think of when it comes to SEO- optimizing a web page in light of certain keywords. That’s part of it, but there’s much more to a productive SEO campaign than that.
  4. Links. Although somewhat controversial, links are a fundamental part of how Google’s algorithm works. If you try to cut corners and cheat as you build links, you can get into trouble with Google. Done right, this makes the difference between SEO success and stagnation.

Curious Ants will show you how to do SEO by giving you the tasks you need to preform in order to be found by your customers.

What should you expect from this SEO Process?

If you signup for Curious Ants, you’ll receive a series of SEO processes that will show you how to do SEO. These include:

  • Directions on the most important SEO tasks you need to do.
  • A process to tell you the order in which you should do these items.
  • A video showing you how to do this (using an example website).
  • A suggestion on how frequently you should do these SEO tasks.
  • Constantly updated processes based on changes in Google and recommendations from industry experts.

The SEO Game Plan Roadmap

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