Updates for the week ending 4/16/2021

This week I made some improvements to help you better know when a task is really done.

Thanks to input from a user, I realized that sometimes it’s hard to know when you’re done with one step of the SEO process and it’s time to proceed to the next step. With this input I’ve gone in to each process and added a “goal”. This should help you progress through the game plan more efficiently.

For instance, if you were to follow the branded link building process you might find yourself in a never-ending hole. When have you reviewed enough brand mentions to know if you’re ready to proceed to the next step? Now that I’ve added a goal (to get at least one new link to your website) you know it’s time to go to the next step. Of course, if you get more than one link, congratulations! You can always do more. However, my hope by adding specific goals is that you don’t get bogged down in one particular process.

I’ve added specific goals to the following processes:

The other processes seem, to me, to already have a specific end-point.

While I was in these processes, I reviewed them and added a little clarity and added some more specific directions.

In May 2021, Google will make the three Core Web Vitals a ranking factor. This is related to page speed (but there’s more to it than that). As a result, I’ve updated the page speed improvement process to offer some clarity and suggest a new tool: waterfall.dev. This tool can help you identify very specific things that need to change on a page in order to fix your Core Web Vital issues.

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