How to build links from brand mentions

People are talking about your company. Could these mentions become links?

Why is branded link building necessary?

Links to your website are a fundamental ranking factor. One way to get links is by looking at who talks about your company- and asking them to link to your website. I call this “branded link building,” and it’s a great place to start your link-building efforts.

Even if you cannot get a link from a website that mentions your company or brand, you should still be paying attention to how other sites think about your company.

  • When people decide whether or not to work with your company, they might do a Google search for your brand name. Are the results portraying your company accurately? Does your company look good in light of these results?
  • According to Google’s Manual Review Guidelines, manual evaluators check on a company’s reputation as a function of its credibility. Since these guidelines reflect what Google would like the machine-learned algorithm to reflect, we should also pay attention to this. Some think Google uses unlinked citations as a ranking factor today. I’m not sure about that- but I still pay attention to them.

If your company is new and your brand is not established (yet) so nobody is talking about you, HARO is a great place to get started.

What should you expect from branded link building?

Branded link building might be the easiest way to build links to your site- as long as people are talking about your company. These links tend to be from credible, relevant sites. That makes them safe from a Google perspective.

The branded link building process

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