How to write a link building outreach email

If you want that link, you need to ask for it. Here’s the best way to ask for a link over email.

Why is a well-written link building outreach email important?

No matter what link building tactic you might be using (whether branded, competitor, topical, guest blogging, broken back link, skyscraper, or whatever) you’ll need to ask someone to link to your site. Often times, this will be the first communication with that person- so you need to make a good first impression. In addition, you’re competing with everyone else who wants a link from them- so you need to stand-out in their inbox. Making sure you have a well-written email is the key to success.

What should you expect from an effective link building outreach email?

Link building via any form of outreach is getting more and more difficult. This is not only because link building is getting harder, but more people are wiser to what we’re doing (not that there’s anything nefarious about link building- but there are some scumbags we’re competing against).

I’d expect a response rate of 1 out of every 10 emails you send is pretty good. Of those, I’d suggest another 1 out of every 10 email responses can become a link. That means you’d have to send 100 emails out to get one link.

That’s a lot of hard work for one measly little link! However, there are a couple ways to improve your success rates. That’s what this process will show you.

Write an effective link building outreach email

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