Updates for the week of 11/5/2021

This week, I introduce the StoryBrand concept and show you how it fits into an SEO campaign.

Typically, when we try to sell our products and services, we talk about ourselves:

  • Why our products are best.
  • Why our services are better than others.
  • Why our company is the only solution for your needs.

The problem: everyone says that. What makes your business different? While this might make us a hero to our customers- is that what they’re looking for?

Here’s Donald Miller, the author of StoryBrand, describing this idea:

StoryBrand reminds us that we should talk to our customers and not about ourselves. It suggests that customers are not looking for someone to save them. They want to be the hero. When we use the StoryBrand framework to describe our business, we allow them to remain the hero of their story, and our business is the guide to their success.

Here’s a video going into more depth about this idea:


Don’t you think your customers would resonate with this message? That’s why I introduced a process to help you work through the StoryBrand concept for your business. 

StoryBrand is extremely helpful to counteract our tendencies in SEO. When it comes to SEO, we often think about what we have to offer in terms of “keywords.” That’s important, BUT it could lead to our business offering yet another (insert keyword here) among many companies. What makes our (insert keyword here) better than anyone else? If we use the StoryBrand framework, our “keyword” will result in the customer being a hero- thanks to our guidance.

No, StoryBrand doesn’t help you “rank” for SEO better (despite some claims I’ve heard). However, it can help:

Have a question about this process? Ask it here:

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