Updates for the week ending October 21, 2022

Link building is consistently rated as one of the most difficult parts of SEO. This week we clarified on of our link building processes.

There are many ways to do link building. In this SEO game plan, we try to introduce you to several options. One of the hardest parts is getting links from topically-relevant websites. Sure, you could build a lot of local citations, listing your address and phone number. That might help a little. You might even be able to find some brand mentions and change those into links to your homepage- I’d never turn those down. However, when it’s time to build more helpful links (especially from websites related to the topic of your industry) that’s where things get hard.

Trying to help you build the best quality, most relevant links, we updated our topical link building process this week. This is hard work. These don’t come easily. It can be discouraging work. However, it’s hard for everyone (and should be) so if you persevere, you can begin to win at SEO. The good news: you don’t need a large number of links. You just need a few, quality links.

While we were at it, we made a couple updates to our Guest Blogging process for building links. Although some call this process “dead” I still suggest it if you provide good quality content to good quality websites. Don’t cut corners and this process can build great links for your website.

This week wasn’t only about link building. I also updated the weekly dashboard a little. After using the Google Search Console dashboard for a couple of weeks, I decided to simplify it a little. Simple data is always more helpful- and I hope, by simplifying this report, you’re able to take more action with it to improve your SEO results.

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