The Weekly Google Analytics SEO Dashboard

Here’s some of the things you should check within a Google Analytics SEO dashboard on a weekly basis.

Why is it important to check Google Analytics weekly?

Sometimes things go wrong with a website. This can be the result of user error, technical problems with your CMS or your server, or even thanks to hackers. If you can identify these problems quickly, you can get ahead of them before they really hurt your SEO campaign.

For example: one time a CEO got into Google Analytics and accidentally broke the goal. He was trying to help but we lost a month’s worth of conversion data because of his tweak. Had I been checking this on a weekly basis, I might have caught this earlier and not lost as much data.

Sometimes things go right- even when you don’t expect it. If you catch these opportunities early, you might be able to get even more out of it.

For example: one time I noticed a spike in Direct Traffic on a client’s site. This was a 100-time growth in direct traffic in 24 hours! It was huge! It turns out, a weekly TV news show talked about them the day before and a bunch of people started typing their domain into their browsers (hence Direct Traffic). Once we saw the interest we were able to turn this into a link from a highly-credible website. Good thing I was watching the site!

I’m going to suggest some important things you should check on a weekly basis in a Google Analytics SEO dashboard to make sure your SEO campaign is on the right path.

What should you expect from this Google Analytics SEO dashboard?

A week is too short of a time period to identify success or failures in an SEO campaign. That’s not the purpose here. I’m recommending a weekly check of your Google Analytics account to catch:

  • New SEO opportunities such as new links.
  • Did something break on your site? On your server?
  • Did someone on your team change something without telling you that could hurt your SEO efforts? Sometimes the SEO team is last to hear about these things.

Most of the time, this will only take you 5 minutes to look and see that everything is okay. However, the point is to catch things early- so this might become a lot of work.

The Weekly SEO Checkup

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