Updates for the week ending May 8, 2020

Took another step forward in the SEO Game Plan this week. We’re closing-in on the final product!

At the beginning of every month I sit down and prepare a monthly report for each of my clients. It’s not just to justify my fees. I find this it a good opportunity to see what’s working, and what’s not. This way I can do more of what’s working and waste less time with what’s not. In the SEO Game Plan I recommend you do the same thing- and prepare a monthly report for your website. Even if you’re the only person seeing it- it will help you identify new opportunities. It might also encourage you to keep working at it, as you see your SEO campaign start to work!

This week I also finalized the process for topically-focused link building. We’ve already talked about how to use your own brand to build links to your website. You can also look at how your competitors are getting links– and get those too. This process is even more powerful because you might get links that nobody else has earned. However, you have to be very careful- bad link building can get you in big trouble with Google.

Both of these processes will be available to paid subscribers of the SEO Game Plan.

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