Updates for the week ending May 1, 2020

The SEO game plan is almost complete! I took a couple steps further this week and only have a couple steps left before I’m ready to “open for business!”

One aspect of link building is local optimization. This is the process of helping people find where your business is located in a Google local listing or a Google Map. This week, I wrote-down the process for local optimization (which I call “local listings”). Even if your company is not locally-focused (for instance, you can do business anywhere in your country) it’s worth your time to do this. Honestly, I had a hard time deciding whether to categorize this under link building or creating a completely new category dedicated to local optimization (but you probably don’t really care about that. However it’s categorized, this is only available to paid subscribers.

I also added a spreadsheet to the Branded Link Building process, to make it a little easier for you to find those valuable brand mentions. This is not only important for link building. It will show you what your customers might see when researching your company. Will they see good things or bad? Put your best foot forward and follow this process to make sure! (Available to paid members)

I made a small tweak to the weekly technical audit– nothing significant, but a nice-to-have.

If you (as a free account holder) look at the complete SEO Game Plan you’ll see: I only have two processes left before the entire plan is complete: a monthly report and topical link building. That means I’m getting close to opening up for paid users. Stay tuned!

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