Updates for the week ending March 6th, 2020

After a little break, I’m getting back to adding new processes to the game plan. As a result I worked on three new processes this week and updated a couple others.

Every Monday I review a specific SEO Dashboard in Google Analytics. I use this information to see if there’s anything pressing I need to act on in my account. Sometimes this shows me what’s going well. Sometimes this shows me what’s going wrong. Either way, I use this dashboard to set my priorities for the week and identify potential problems before they become too big. I’ve not yet recorded a video for this process but plan to later.

I continued down the Game Plan and wrote down the weekly technical SEO audit, this week as well. This process uses Google Search Console as a starting point to determine if anything is technically wrong with your website. What good is it to “optimize” a website that Google can’t read? I’ve likewise not yet recorded a video on this process.

A lot of people get confused about canonical URLs. Since this is important to know when it comes to setting up Google Search Console (or Google Analytics, for that matter) I clarified the process on determining the canonical version of a URL, so can determine the canonical version of your homepage to setup these tools properly.

Since it’s so important to setup your Google Analytics account properly, I referenced the canonical version process within the Google Analytics setup process.

These processes will be available to paid users.

A couple weeks ago I unveiled the entire SEO Game Plan to all free users. This week I added a note to the process showing which process are not yet complete. I guess I’m doing this more for myself- to keep myself accountable to building out the game plan in it’s entirety.

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