Updates for the week ending June 5, 2020

Welcome new members!

This last weekend I spoke at a conference about improving your websites conversions. I know that some of you are coming to Curious Ants after hearing about it there. Glad you can join us. I think you’ll find some of the things Curious Ants provides very helpful in improving conversions such as how to set a goal for your website and how to improve conversions (both available to paid members).

If you’re not a paid member yet, the best place for you to start is with some keyword research. You might also want to take a look at the entire game plan (and how it fits together).

Speaking of paid memberships, I did some testing to prepare for this recently. I should be able to make the entire game plan available to paid users soon.

If you’ve been around for a while, I need to apologize. The testing I did this week revealed something important: it was almost impossible to login and create an account! I had turned on certain strict password features that tried to change your password after you entered it. As I tested this, I found myself getting confused and unable to login. Then I realized something: no wonder I’ve been getting so many warning me about others trying to login with incorrect passwords!

I’m sorry. That was very frustrating! If you give it a second chance, I think you’ll find things much easier now. Now, passwords are still set to be pretty strict. However, it won’t try to “help” you any longer.

Another change I made (both of these are in light of preparing to offer the entire SEO game plan to users soon) involved a statement of which kinds of industries Curious Ants won’t serve. I want to help real businesses grow through a productive SEO campaign. I don’t want to support certain controversial industries. I published a new page explaining which industries I won’t work with and what I’ll do if I find out these industries are participating in Curious Ants. This won’t apply to most of you- but just want to be clear who I’m here to help.

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