Updates for the week ending July 27, 2020

This week I not only made it easier to get started with an SEO campaign, but started sharing our Office Hours with the public.

There’s a lot that goes into a productive SEO campaign. It’s easy to fall for the temptation to skip ahead into “optimizing a page“. However, before you can do that, for instance, you’ll need to do keyword research. Also- what good is doing an SEO campaign if you can’t measure your results? So, one of the first things you need to do is setup proper tracking.

Curious Ants provides an SEO guide for all the things that go into a successful SEO campaign. I’ve put these things into a specific order to ensure it’s most effective to you. This week, I tried to make it more clear where you can start and how to keep track of what’s the next step by providing a video tutorial for how to keep track of all the steps in a productive SEO campaign. Follow the process and I think you’ll find things pay off better in the long-run.

I also started sharing the Office Hours with the public. Office hours is where members of The Colony can show up and ask questions about SEO, Curious Ants, or whatever struggles they’re having with their campaigns. I’ve found these fun and very helpful. While you have to be a member of The Colony in order to participate (ask questions) I am making the time available for review a week afterwards to the public. For example, one week we talked about blogging and SEO. Another week we talked about selling SEO as a service. I hope sharing these accomplishes a couple things: 1. you get the benefit of learning more about SEO and 2. you see what you’re missing out on so you will want to join The Colony and ask your questions, too.

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