Updates for the week ending August 5, 2022

Link building is hard but your perseverance will pay off!

Many of you have met my link building assistant, Youssef. He’s becoming a real link building expert!

He didn’t start that way. In fact, he didn’t know anything about SEO when I first hired him for this job.

I knew I needed help building links for my clients. It’s a time-consuming task and it was getting overlooked. That meant, I needed to hire someone to help. Now I could have looked for a “link building expert.” The problem there is that there are many rules (and nuances around those rules) that make link building a real challenge.

Some people ignore Google’s rules for link building. Their strategy: get the benefit from as many bad links until you get caught! When you get caught, start over with a new website!

No. I can’t do that for my clients!

Instead of training bad habits out of a “link building expert” I, instead, decided to train someone from scratch. This way I could make sure they learn how to do things the right way- and take most of the risk out of building links for my clients.

That’s when I met Youssef. When he started, he knew nothing about link building (or SEO, for that matter). Over the last year, or so, he’s taken the link building processes in Curious Ants and become a real expert! I’m amazed at his ability to find (and keep asking for) brand mentions to turn into links. He’s really done an excellent job looking at our competitors and getting (not only) their links but better ones than they have.

This week, he applied some of the lessons he’s learned and improved our processes for guest blogging and writing a link building outreach email. Now you can learn from his experience.

Of course, there’s a lot of other great information about link building within Curious Ants. Yes- building links to your website is hard. But if you persevere you too can learn how to become a link building expert- like Youseef.

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