Google Analytics is no longer “illegal” in Europe

I know you’ve heard this claim before. As of July 10, 2023, it’s no longer a valid claim.

I’m no lawyer so check my source- a press release from the European Commission:

TL;DR: The EU decided it’s okay to store data in the United States- which was the problem with Google Analytics.

This is where I say, “I told you so.”

I know a lot of companies were using fearmongering to sell their product, claiming you should pay them for their services because Google Analytics is illegal. I have been suggesting that, even if this is true for now, Google has a HUGE financial incentive to make this work.

That’s why Google got President Biden involved in their effort (note: I don’t have evidence of a direct contact between Google and the Biden administration but I think this is safe to say that lobbying helped here- otherwise why would the Biden administration care about this issue). Apparently his negotiating team was successful here. Now you can use Google Analytics without fear of going to jail (or whatever the implication was for those trying to sell their compliant products to you might have implied).

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