Updates for the week ending in February 8th, 2020

I’m working hard to keep adding more and more processes to The Game Plan.

If you have a Free Account, I’ve done something special for you this week. I’ve made The SEO Game Plan Roadmap available to you! “Thanks, David,” you sigh, “What does that mean?” Well even though you only have access to keyword research processes for free, I’m showing you how those processes fit within all the other SEO processes. I hope this shows you the additional value The SEO Game Plan will bring (once I’m able to document each of these processes).

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This week I worked hard on two additional process documents.

One process I added to, this week, was one of the most important pieces of any SEO campaign: measuring conversions. I know, it’s tempting to measure the success of an SEO campaign by “rank”. Wouldn’t it be better to know if your efforts are producing more business (and income) for your company? What good is rank if it doesn’t produce traffic? What good is traffic if it doesn’t produce new business? We need to measure our conversions if we want to know if our SEO efforts are really helping- or not. This process (and the video) will be available for paid users.

I’ve been thinking a lot about link building lately. This inspired me to work on another process this week: finding brand mentions for link building. This is one of the first places you should look to get links for your website. In this process I show you how to find them (and keep up with them). What I like about this process: it mixes good SEO practices with brand-building efforts. Even if you don’t get link- to help your SEO efforts- you’ll grow in brand awareness. This is another process that will be available to paid users.

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