Updates for the week ending December, 4 2020

Thanks to some input from a subscriber, I’ve made some significant improvements to the game plan this week.

One of the biggest updates to the game plan, this week, came from a user’s suggestion (I always welcome input like this)! They suggested it was hard to know what’s the next task to do and in what order. While I tried to offer help on the main SEO game plan page, per the user’s suggestion, I also added notes to every process to tell you what you should do next.

I recommend everyone check their Google Search Console once a week. I reviewed this process, this week, and discovered I had some broken links and out-dated information in this process. I’ve improved it- especailly in terms of its recommendations for handling excluded pages within the coverage report (right in time for Google to change that report- coming soon!).

I also updated the process for doing keyword research for a specific page– especially the section about how to review a page after the initial optimization. I tried to make these directions more specific and clear so you can make sure you’re optimizing for the right phrase- one that is bringing your site impressions and clicks.

After you confirm a page has a clear keyword focus, now it’s time to optimize the page for SEO. I added some directions to make sure the page is in Google’s index, before you attempt to optimize the page. The best-optimized page can’t “rank” unless it is in the index. I also clarified that each page should have a significant amount of unique content on the page- and showed you how to check it.

I updated the topical link building process to include suggestions on how often and how to repeat this very important (although difficult) task.

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