Updates for the week ending December 1, 2023

Google keeps changing things- as they do- and I updated a couple of processes as a result. This doesn’t change what you do- but change where you might find it!

A couple of you asked me about a change within Google Tag Manager (when you use it to add your Google Analytics script to your website). When you add a Tag in tag manager, you will no longer find the Google Analytics 4 script. Google has moved everything into the “Google Tag.” This is the tag you’ll add instead.

This is simply part of Google’s attempt to consolidate as many scripts as possible into one JavaScript code. This is the same script you’d use (for instance) if you wanted to add Google Ads tracking (you’d just change the measurement ID associated with it).

Google recently changed where you can add events and set your conversions- they moved it into the Admin section of your website. When you attempt to setup your conversions, you’ll find what you need by looking there- rather than what the video shows you.

Another update I made was for the Weekly Technical Website Audit using Google Search Console. Search Console has changed the ways they display data in their interface so I added some notes to clarify that what the video shows might be different than what you see when you login to Search Console.

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