Updates for the week ending April 3rd, 2020

The world is crazy right now, but the show must go on! Added a lot of new things to the Game Plan, this week!

For one, I produced the process for writing a blog post for maximum SEO benefit. Blogging is one of those thinks you can’t do too often. There are lots of benefits from it including long-tailed traffic, internal link opportunities, and even earning organic links to your website. This process even includes a famous rant about blog categories and tags. If you’re a client of mine, I’m sure you’ve heard it before!

I also updated the process explaining how to add schema to your website. This used to be an entire step in the Game Plan. I removed it because it’s more of a sub-step that can occur in several different places. For instance, you should review your schema each week in your weekly technical SEO audit. You should also consider this when optimizing a page or adding a blog post.

On a roll, I didn’t stop there. I completed the process for competitive link research. This is the process by which you look at your competitors and see where they’re getting links to their site- so you can get better links to yours. Along with this I created two new processes: the skyscraper technique and the broken backlink method.

These processes will be available to paid subscribers to The SEO Game Plan.

I learned something new this week and made a small tweak to the process for keyword research on a specific page. One of the values of The SEO Game Plan is that I keep updating the processes, as I learn new things (or things change).

I decided to make an article available to any user, this week: Everything you need to know about link building. While I think the article is valuable, it’s not really a process. In fact, it might be a better explanation of why all the link building processes (which are private to paid users) are so important. Maybe this will even incentivize you to become a paying user!

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