Updates for the week ending 6/24/2022

This week we continued to migrate our processes into GA4 by adding conversion tracking and an improved monthly report.

If you’ve been following me for a while, you know how passionate I am about not only tracking website visitors but tracking conversions from your website. This is the whole value of analytics- whether you use Google Analytics or another system.

That’s why I re-recorded a couple of videos about tracking goals/conversions in Google Analytics 4 this week. I’m assuming most business websites are looking to track sales leads. That could take the form of either a form submission (I hope you’re not sharing your email address on your website) or a phone call.

Tracking form submissions in GA4 is easy (especially if you use a confirmation page, as I recommend).

I also added a video for tracking click-to-call events in GA4 this week. I call this “poor man’s phone call tracking” in that it will give you an idea of how many people are calling you from your website- but not every single person. This only works so far as people are clicking on your phone number from their mobile device. It isn’t able to track people who write down your phone number and then call you (which they might do if they’re viewing your website from their desktop). Still, this is better than nothing and might show you the value of paying a service to track all your phone calls!

While we’re talking about tracking conversions, what marketing efforts are helping you get more conversions? Are your marketing efforts (even your SEO) helping you make more customers? To answer this question, you need to setup a monthly SEO report. Since we’ve migrating to Google Analytics 4, I updated our Google Data Studio report to reflect the new source of information. There are even a couple improvements in the report- thanks to what GA4 can do. In addition, I added a new process for how you can make your report look even better after collecting that data for a year.

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