Your web forms need confirmation pages

What happens when someone submits a form off your website? Do they leave feeling like they’re actually reached you?

Although there is some debate on this subject, I recommend that your web form end in a confirmation page after it has been submitted. In this clip, I explain why I think this is a good idea.


If it’s really easy, whether Universal or ga4 to track conversions, if you land on a landing page, a confirmation. Thank you page. I know there’s a lot of debate out there, some designers just hate, thank you page. It’s a good user experience that I think it’s a great user experience. That’s why I do it. Like, if I fill out a form, I want to know something else. Got it. Yes, those of us, their wives. You’re sitting there going. Did it did it submit right into that one? Like submitted something twice because it just had a little check mark at the bottom and then I realized later on oops, that’s admitted it twice and and I hate things like that because then I am not a big website Forum submitter simply because a lot of times if it’s a question I have I want to find an email because I’ve had such poor experience in the past with getting an actual answer, you submit a form and then you never hear from them. So, so yeah, that’s at least getting that page, you know, it’s submitted, right? And that is, if, if I weren’t doing Google and Ex tracking. I’d still want that because Even though we all know that just because you see a confirmation page, doesn’t really mean a human being is seen that email. Exactly. It feels that way. Yes. Yeah. It least I know on the part that I did. I did it properly like company. Could be a fool. Yeah, yeah. So, okay question. Yeah. So were you saying when somebody submits A form or being a contact form or sign up for newsletter, just whatever. Yeah, Dad. Having it come up. When you say, thank you page. Are you like where they get? Thank you, blah, blah, blah, blah, and some type of expectation. Or were you talking about loading and actual page? So what I’m recommending and I do for almost all my clients, some of them won’t let me but is that you fill out a form and you load a completely new page that says thank you for submitting our form. We will we get back to you within a business day you know in the meantime you can check out our Facebook page you know whatever you want to put on your company also like to put Phone number and email because some people they submit it and it’s like I need somebody now. Well let me get to that the second but ending on the business. Well, yeah, but does that this so yeah, that’s my recommendation Anita is that you have a page that a new page that loads rather than a little because someone like contact form 7 or other just have a little thing underneath form. Says You know, fixed email submitted real quick. That’s a whole separate URL and because that’s what you’ll use in Google analytics to track it is that separate URL. Is that more clear, Anita. Okay. So what you’re having the form to do then is rather than show, in my case, a paragraph actually send them to a new page. Which is a different way of tracking. How many people are actually doing X or Y, right? So first of all, this is a good. I think this is a good user experience. Second of all, if you set up that the think what, what, I call a thank you page in Google analytics as a goal destination. You can track that and know how many people submitted for, because the only way they would have gotten to that page is by submitting your form. So now you know how not just how many people came to your website traffic, you can then know this, many people then contacted me as a result or signed up for my email newsletter, as a result or downloaded my, how, you know, tips on whatever as a result. So that’s why setting it up as a goal, and it is really easy to set up a unique page as a goal in goo Analytics so that you can confirm that indeed, someone has taken an action that is of value to you or your business. I mean, that makes sense. That makes a lot of sense, especially if it’s something like you had them download or, you know, got a whole bunch of information from them. God knows if I spend more than 15 seconds,

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