Updates for the week ending 4/23/21

Google added a new report in Google Search Console, this week. You should take a look!

I recommend everyone do a simple, weekly website audit each week using Google Search Console. I updated the process with Google’s new Page Experience report. This is a one-stop for several page experience issues that may be ranking factors. They include:

  • Core Web Vitals- sometimes oversimplified as “page speed”, there’s more to the CWVs than that! If you have any URLs that are failing, you’ll find them here.
  • Mobile Usability- as of March 2021, Google is evaluating the mobile version of your website to determine whether or not to show it to search users- not the desktop version of each page. They call this, “mobile-only index.” If you have any mobile issues, you’ll find them here.
  • Security Issues- If Google thinks your website has been hacked, it won’t serve it to users. Check that, here.
  • HTTPS- your website should be served using an SSL certificate. That means each page should be viewable only using the HTTPS (not HTTP) version of the url.
  • Ad Experience- if you serve ads on your website, you need to pay attention to this.

While we’re talking about Core Web Vitals, I also updated the process for page speed improvements.

Oh yeah, I made an update to the HARO link building process and the how to know if a link is helpful article, too.

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