Updates for the week ending 3/26/2021

I’ve been thinking about link building (again). It’s so very important and very hard to do. Still, if you’re able to do it, and your competitors don’t, you can beat them in the SERPs.

Before you do anything with link building, make sure you understand the rules and consequences of bad link building.

I recommend everyone start with a branded link building effort. This is the low-hanging fruit where you find people already talking about your company so you can take advantage of that to receive links to your website. This week, I actually added an “advanced” spreadsheet to this process and recommend you do this once you’ve exhausted your basic opportunities (when you repeat the process at a later date.

I added the same “advanced” spreadsheet to the competitor link building effort. This is a same process for getting links as the branded process except you’re looking to see who is talking about your competitors- and asking if you want/can get a link from that website.

In a way, this isn’t the first link building process in the game plan. I also recommend you build local listings (aka: citations). Some of these can give you links to your website (although many do not count). This is a good place to start but to succeed in Google, you need to do more than that!

I’m also still working on the broken and skyscraper link building processes. I promise, I’ll get to them soon!

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