Updates for the week ending 2/26/21

I’ve found myself thinking about link building a lot this week. As a result, I’ve added a new link building step to the process.

Link building is hard. There’s a lot involved in proper link building and not every link helps with SEO. Still, we can’t just publish content on our website and wait for Google to show up!

While I have several different link building processes in the game plan, I made an update to add link building as part of the content creation process. My goal is that link building stops being just another thing to do in the SEO process, but an always-present thing you need to consider.

Specifically I’ve added a process to remind you to promote your content after you write it. This can have several benefits: it can get it in front of your customers and it could send other (non-search) traffic to your website too. However, don’t loose track of our main goal- build links to your content.

This isn’t a new step in the process. It is a part of the two content creation processes already in the list: optimizing a page for SEO and writing a blog post. The first of these two processes is for (what I call) landing pages. A landing page is something designed to specifically promote something your business sells or a service your company provides. The second (a blog post) is more altruistically-helpful content that helps people who could be potential customers. Your website needs both kinds of content. And you need to promote both kinds of content.

Like I said, promoting content (and earning links) is hard. It’s still necessary. Don’t skip this step but don’t be discouraged if you can’t earn a link. Link building takes time to learn. Try to promote your content every time- whether or not you get a link. Even if you don’t get a link, it will still help you.

Oh yeah. While I was in there I added a couple steps to the on-page optimization process as well.

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