How to promote your website’s content

You’ve worked hard to make sure your website’s content is good. Don’t walk away, hoping someone will find it!

Why is it important to promote your website content?

Sometimes people stop the SEO process when they create a landing page or write a blog post. However, just publishing new content on a website doesn’t promise that people will find it. You need to promote your content, too.

What should you expect from promoting your website content?

Remember our goal: get more traffic and customers from the search engines. This process is designed to help do exactly that. There will be some side benefits of this process (for instance, shares or traffic from Facebook) but that’s not our chief goal here. That’s gravy.

What we’re really hoping for is to build links from other websites to ours. It’s those links that help Google see that our page’s content is quality- quality enough to be cited by another website. If you recall, from our link building guide, these links might send traffic and even some customers. However, improved ranking will bring more traffic and customers than any one link could deliver on its own.

The Content Promotion Process

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