Why is a weekly analytics report important?

When checking your site’s performance, having a weekly analytics report is so important as it will help you identify any issue that needs fixing on a weekly basis.

Video transcript:

I was mentioning that the Google Analytics on my website is broken. It looks like it was only on the home page. It’s like something happened when I updated it. It took off Google Analytics with the recent update.
So if we use Site Kit, there’s a setting that will allow you not to inflate your analytics while you’re logged in. And if you have that set, it will not even insert the code on the pages. It might look like it’s gone, but you’re simply logged in. [Check that first to make sure you’re troubleshooting things correctly]

So that’s why that weekly dashboard is so important. It tells you whether everybody else is visiting your site. I don’t know how many times it’s saved my bacon. Tim said it just saved his bacon when he realized something was wrong the other week,

I created it when some Ceo got into his analytics account and broke it. It took us two weeks to even figure it out. I can’t let that happen again. So I created the weekly report. So now I can find out a week later that someone got in there and monkeyed with things. But that’s a lot better than losing a month’s worth of data because I didn’t see it until it did the following monthly report and said, “oh crap, there’s no data.”

Now, friendly reminder: when you set up the weekly report from Google Analytics, they expire. Set a calendar reminder that will help you remember because google will not tell you when the report expires. They don’t want to send you reports forever, so they let them expire. So set a calendar meeting up. Or on Monday morning, when you don’t get it, don’t be like, “One less thing to do.”

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