Why is a weekly analytics report important?

When checking your site’s performance, having a weekly analytics report is so important as it will help you identify any issue that needs fixing on a weekly basis.

Automated transcript:

So just cut, I don’t know if to get back to a questions second So when I was mentioning that my Google analytics on my website, is focused. that I do. I recently, you know, had there was update on press and I asked taken Well, When I’m looking at it looks like it was only on the home page. But. It’s that same tracking. So with. it’s like something when I updated it, it just, like, took off Google handle analytics. So I’m gonna have to go in and figure out why. Well, it’s it. when I don’t, I need to check I didn’t have time to, but I need to check and, like, do it another browser and see if you can picking up. Think I need to do the size thing because I show that I that happen. with the recent update Well, so if we use inside kit, Yeah. There’s a setting. that will allow you to not inflate your own analytics while your logged in. And if you have that said, it will not even insert the code up and it might look like the because on So reality logged in. So that’s why that week is let so important Yeah. Because it tells you whether everybody else is this Site And I mean, I I I I don’t have if save my bacon. Yeah. Tim said, it says just making it. When he realized something was wrong on the week, But like, I got. I’m I’ve created it lynn. Some Ceo got into Yes. Let’s can’t broke it. and it took us two weeks even find out i’m like, I can’t let that happening in. So I is the weekly report at least found out week that got in there. Monkey with things. Right. but that’s a lot better than losing month worth the data because I didn’t see it until it did an next month park like. wrap. There’s no data Yeah. So. Now. Reminder friendly reminder, when you set up the the weekly report to Google Analytics, They expire. And so either set a calendar reminder that with because google will tell you when the report expires, because They don’t wanna just send you reports as those as afternoon link. Yeah. so they they let them expire. So you just sent a calendar like to go and read we up, or. on monday morning when you don’t get it don’t be like, One less thing to do. On your google little. the rep repo. I forget there’s a term to use.

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