Website Design Best Practices (Updated 7/2022)

While SEO does not end with building a website, how a website is designed and constructed can affect its ability to get traffic from the search engines.

When you build a website, follow these requirements- if you don’t, we might have to come back later to fix your website. Preventing problems is always cheaper than fixing them.

There’s a lot more to SEO than following any web design best practice checklist (even this one). You also have to consider web development requirements for Google. These are the technical requirements on how your website is built so Google can read it correctly. You can have the prettiest website ever but, if Google can’t read it, what good is it to people looking for you on the web?

Below you’ll find several website design best practices as well as a website development checklist. Following this will ensure your website is ready to begin an SEO campaign.

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