Website Launch Checklist (Updated 7/2022)

When we launch a new website there are several things we need to do to preserve our organic search traffic (and leads). The checklist, below, will help us reach this goal. 

Even the best websites might see a slight loss in organic traffic- as the search engines re-index the website. This checklist can help minimize the damage- with the goal of more traffic (and leads) within a month or two.

There are several stages to this website launch checklist:

  1. Pre-Launch. These are the things you need to have in place before you launch. A little planning will save you a lot of heartache.
  2. Immediate Post Launch. When I say “immediate” I mean just that: right after you launch start your check. You’re trying to find problems before Google finds them. If you can catch them before Google indexes a problem, you will have a more successful launch.
  3. Post-Launch. For the first week, after a launch, check for these issues. After the first week, keep checking these once a week for the next month.

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