Updates for the week of April 5, 2024

Google keeps changing things. This week they changed the name of Google Analytics conversions to “key events.”

In order to disambiguate Google Analytics “conversions” from Google Ad “conversions,” Google changed the name in Google Analytics to “key events.” Here’s a video to help explain why:

You can read more about why Google made this change on Google.

Ultimately, for the purposes of SEO, this is just a name change. I’ve gone in to the setup conversions in Google Analytics process and attempted to use the new phrase. I still need to update the videos (from a couple updates ago) and this might just be the final change that makes me re-record the video tutorials.

The conspirator in me says this is also a way to subtly convince people they need to use Google Ads to get true conversion numbers. I’d file this under, “Google products are free but also ads to get you into PPC.”

Taking off my tin-foil hat, another update this week is the announcement that Google will stop supporting Universal Analytics in July 2024. This is a little confusing because it was already graveyarded last July- and I’m (frankly) unclear what this second graveyard means. Nevertheless, you should already be running GA4 on your website. In fact, I recommend removing your UA code and replacing it with the equivalent GA4 code instead. If you need help, you can follow the process of adding Google Analytics to a website, in Curious Ants, or let us do it for you (at the end of the process).

Have a question about this process? Ask it here:

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