Updates for the week ending on January 20, 2023

It’s been too long since I’ve made updates to our process. That changes this week!

One update I made was long overdue. As part of the weekly technical SEO process, I recommend you review Google Search Console’s page indexing issues every week. While that’s still true, Google changed the indexing issue report (a while ago, sorry) and the recommendations were no longer up to date. I’ve updated those recommendations.

Another update I made to the weekly technical SEO review was to an incorrect link. One thing you should check-on in Search Console is the Web Core Vitals. If they’re under-performing, you should work to improve the speed of your pages. Unfortunately, I was linking to the incorrect page (for how long, I don’t know). That’s been updated.

I’ll add to this update that we will be holing another Google Analytics Study Group in February 2023. I hope you can join us for it!

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