Updates for the week ending October 14, 2022

This week I made a slight change to the order of our SEO process in order to better prepare for our new weekly dashboard.

I’ve been (slowly- sorry) migrating the entire SEO game plan into GA4. As part of this process, I’ve created a new weekly SEO dashboard. This new dashboard not only includes information from Google Analytics but also (thanks to Looker Studio) includes information from Google Search Console as well.

By the way, this week Google renamed “Google Data Studio” to “Looker Studio.”

I also moved the weekly technical SEO audit up a place in the order of our process- so you will setup Google Search Console before you create the weekly report.

Unfortunately, Google Search Console does not add information such as page indexing errors into it’s Looker Studio interface, so you need to check that manually. However, the weekly reminder is meant to quickly identify potential problems- and not to be a comprehensive audit. Hopefully it will be just enough information for you to ask, “why did things go down?” or better, “why did things go up?” and then encourage you to take some time in Google Search Console to figure out your answer.

I wish Bing Webmaster Tools had a free interface into Looker Studio, as well. There’s a ton of great information in there that I wish I could add to this report, too. Alas, we can’t always get what we want.

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