Updates for the week ending June 12, 2020

This week I added a new process and prepared to release the paid subscriptions.

For the last couple of years, several governments have started putting laws together to protect people’s online privacy. The most famous of these are in the European Union and California (USA). While you might not be in one of those locations, you still need to pay attention. At least because some of your customers might be from these locations- and you’ll need to account for these laws- but also because you can expect more laws like these in the next couple of years.

Consequently, I added a new process explaining how you can better protect your business from violating these laws (and protect your website visitors from privacy violations). I added this as a step in the Google Analytics setup process.

Speaking of Google Analytics, I learned that the SEO Dashboard link wasn’t working. Sorry about that. I’ve updated the link.

I know I keep saying that it’s right around the corner, but it really is: you can expect me to release the paid subscription to the entire SEO game plan soon! This week I did a TON of testing to make sure signups work properly. Stay tuned! (Don’t tell anyone, but if you’re already a free user I’ll be sending you an early bird discount code).

Have a question about this process? Ask it here:

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