Updates for the week ending April 24, 2020

After a couple weeks of distractions, I added a couple new things to The Game Plan this week.

A couple people gave me some input that I talk about using spreadsheets in the videos but don’t share the sheet with them. I’ve added several templates for you to use (as Google Docs) as you work through The SEO Game Plan:

  • I’ve added a formula to calculate the opportunity value for each keyword you’ve found using the Google Ads Keyword Planner. This can be tricky (because it assumes the formula is in one specific place on the spreadsheet) but it helps you know what keywords are best to focus upon. This formula is available to anyone with a free account.
  • I added a template for the SEO Blueprint. This allows you to keep track of what pages you’ve optimized, what you’re focusing on for each page, and when you’ve optimized those pages. It’s so important to make sure each page has a unique SEO focus, that this blueprint is important to maintain. Now you’ve got a template you can use to help keep track of your focus. This is only available to paid subscribers.

While we’re speaking about the SEO blueprint, I’ve applied some new ideas I’ve recently learned to the on-page optimization process. I recently discovered that a client, in an aggressive attempt to add more and more content to their website, accidentally started adding very similar content to other pages on the site. This created a cannibalization problem- where one page was eating the other by stealing its traffic. When I fixed the cannibalization problem, the main pages (which we wanted to show up in Google) started performing much better. I’ve revised the on-page process to include a cannibalization check to make sure your site isn’t doing this, too. This is available to paid users.

This week we also concluded our Google Analytics Study Group. The participants asked me for a specific session about how to use Google Analytics when it comes to SEO. As a matter of fact, that was already part of The SEO Game Plan, as the weekly Google Analytics Dashboard. So, I recorded the video and added it to the process document. Sorry, I didn’t shave that day- it’s a pandemic, after all, who has time to shave? This video is available to paid subscribers.

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